Equality and non-discrimination are being promoted in several campaigns and projects in Finland and the European Union. This page has information on campaigns currently under way.


Discrimination-free Zone 

The Discrimination-free Zone campaign is an information campaign to combat any form of discrimination, bullying or harassment. It enables organisations and work communities to declare their commitment to the principle of non-discrimination. Already more than 600 work communities and organisations around Finland have joined the campaign.

Declare your organisation a discrimination-free zone!

Discrimination has no place on the playing field!

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Equality is Priority (the YES project)

The YES project promotes the implementation of equality and non-discrimination, in working life and the work of the authorities, for example. The campaign is a collaboration in Finland between ministries, organisations and advisory boards.  
Competitive edge and better services through diversity management
Equality planning training for authorities
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Good Relations

Good Relations Project aims at combatting racism, xenophobia, anti-Gypsism and other forms of intolerance by promoting good relations between people with different backgrounds. The project is coordinated by the Ministry of the Interior of Finland, and transnational partners include the Ministry of Employment of Sweden and Northern Irelan Council for Ethnic Minorities NICEM.


Asenne meininki

Asenne meininki (Attitude solution) is a media campaign of YES5 Project that helps employers and youths from disadvantaged backgrounds meet each other. The campaign is carried out by Helmi Films Oy.


Other projects and campaigns

Support for the Voluntary Repatriation of Refugees and Asylum Seekers (only in Finnish)
The Ministry of the Interior PEPP project is developing models of positive action for repatriation
The FREE project promotes the integration of disabled refugees (only in Finnish)
The Ministry of the Interior and the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Pirkanmaa are developing labour market training for disabled refugees


A project called “Integration of Highly Skilled Third Country Nationals in Europe: A new Proposal for Circular Talent Management”

The Integration of Highly Skilled Third Country Nationals in Europe: A new Proposal for Circular Talent Management project, is an EU project taking place in five EU member states (Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Finland). The main coordinator of the project is the University of Comillas’ Insitute on Migration Studies placed in Madrid, Spain. In Finland the project is being coordinated by the Legal Affairs department in the Ministry of the Interior.

The main goal of the project is to define integration processes adapted to different high-skilled immigration patterns and the socio-economic needs of European countries. This goal is based on a multidisciplinary discussion on the relations between admission policies, the integration of highly skilled third country nationals in EU countries, and circular talent management.

Currently, different admission rules apply for different European Member States according to their respective immigration policies, their economy and labour market demands, as well as aspects linked to their history, and also to their comparative national histories. Setting out the need of a common strategy on the integration of highly skilled third country nationals and circular talent management does not seem to be easy, but it is essential on a single market scene, common currency, workers mobility and the building of a social and balanced Europe.  In this context it is necessary to improve knowledge and analyse the link between different immigration patterns and integration processes. This dynamic immigration should be based, in order to be effective, on a peer-to-peer relationship and on a win-to-win approach that supports the development of families and societies, both from countries within and outside of Europe.

The project started at the end of 2011 and is planned to finish in spring 2013.

A national report of highly skilled third country nationals in Finland

All the project partners are to write a national report by February 2012 on the situation of highly skilled third country nationals and their integration to the country.

The Finnish national report elaborates the Finnish socio-demographic context, gives a legislative review of Finland’s immigration policy, looks at Finland’s national policies on integration and looks at the challenge of circular talent management of highly skilled immigrants in Finland.

From the five different national reports a consolidated report will be made to give comparative analysis of the topic and set recommendations for the future adoption of common tools and strategies.

Workshop: Voice to highly skilled third country nationals

In summer 2012 three workshops for highly skilled third country nationals will be organised by project partners in the Netherlands, Spain and Finland. Highly skilled immigrants have been invited to the project and with their help analysis is being generated from the various experiences and recommendations. Also, at least three different patterns of high-skilled immigration to Finland will be identified from the results. Finally, from the results of the workshop. a report will be written in autumn 2012.

In Finland the workshop took place on 8 June 2012 in Tervasaari, Helsinki.

 Map on Integration Itineraries and a Virtual Discussion Forum

The project partners are also producing a map of integration itineraries to consider the diversity of highly skilled immigrants but also to specify different migration patterns people can take. A virtual discussion form is also being created where different organisations and social actors will be invited to try and define a model of the integration process of highly skilled third country nationals’.

Contact person and for more information

Pauliina Juntunen

Project Coordinator

Ministry of the Interior, Legal Affairs Unit

P.O. Box 26, 00023 Government

Kirkkokatu 12, Helsinki

Tel. 071 878 8285