Monitoring discrimination


National Discrimination Tribunal (...)
Human rights conventions (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA)
Centre for Gender Equality Information in Finland (Minna)



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This page contains research and statistical data on discrimination: its nature and extent, the reasons for it, and its consequences in Finland. The Discrimination Monitoring Group coordinated by the Ministry of the Interior is responsible for the page’s maintenance. The group consists of representatives of various official agencies, research institutes, NGOs and equality, gender equality and self-governing bodies.

The monitoring of discrimination is a component in the monitoring of the implementation of fundamental rights and it lends its support to actions associated with the implementation and monitoring of international human rights conventions.
Information on discrimination is divided into three categories, as follows:

1. Subjective experiences of discrimination

2. Reported cases of discrimination


Report on hate crime in Finland that has come to the attention of the police (2009)
Discrimination in working life -study

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3. Court judgments

Discrimination in Finland 2008 -report
Racist element in suspected criminal activity in criminal procedure-study
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